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ACUSD is currently partnered with Columbia Junior College in Sonora, CA to offer dual enrollment classes as a component of our CTE pathway’s. We currently offer courses in Arts/Media and Culinary Arts. These courses are taught by ACUSD teachers on an ACUSD campus. For more information take a look at the FAQ question below.

Dual enrollment is a term used to describe a high school student who is also enrolled in college courses.

"High School Enrollment + College Enrollment = Dual Enrollment"

  • Earn high school and college credits simultaneously
  • Saving money on college tuition - CA Community College tuition is FREE for high school students
  • Earning dual credit may allow students to graduate high school early
  • Students could potentially earn an Associate’s Degree by the time they graduate high school
  • Early college exposure increases the likelihood of college completion
  • All dual enrolled students have access to college resources such as the library, free tutoring services, and accommodations for disabled students
  • Many of the courses that are available at the college are transferable to 4 year institutions
  • Access to higher education for both mainstream and traditionally underrepresented high school students
  • Increase in college readiness
  • Ease of transition from high school to college

  • The student must be at least 14 years old
  • The student must be in good standing with their high school
  • The student's high school must sign off on college enrollment
  • Students must complete the online Columbia College Application. You can access an application tutorial  here . If you are a current high school student and have attended the college within the last three semesters you do not need to reapply.
  • Email completed registration forms to

ACUSD offers 4 classes currently for dual enrollment

  • Graphics 1/Motion Graphics - Amador HS (Teacher - Mr. Tearpak)
  • Studio Art 2/Media 14 - Argonaut HS (Teacher - Ms. Davidson)
  • Foodservice Production/Baking HPMGT 201A (Teacher - Ms. Gaddoni)
  • Medical Terminology/OFTEC 50 (Teacher - Ms. Varni)

Families who are considering dual enrollment classes should contact their high school guidance counselor to find out more information about the classes offered.

  • College courses are typically more rigorous, so students should be prepared to put more time and effort into completing the courses
  • Athletes or those who already have a heavy workload should consider whether or not they have the capacity to take college courses
  • All college courses become part of your permanent college transcript and poor grades could affect future financial aid awards and acceptance to other postsecondary institutions
  • A failing grade in a college course could prohibit a student from meeting high school graduation requirements

Students are eligible to take dual enrollment classes that are outside of the CTE pathway. If a family is interested in this option they need to contact their high school guidance counselor and complete the Alternative Credit Application.

Guidance counselors will discuss class options, and may refer the student to Amador College Connect to look at class options with community colleges

For more information about enrolling in CTE courses, enrolling in courses that meet college admission requirements, or both, make an appointment to speak with your high school guidance counselor.

For general information about the CTE Program, call 209-257-5152 or email at

Dual Enrollment

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